16 January 2010

Connecting the whole community in an understanding of the change needed and huge challenge of creating the real opportunities of the 21st century is vital.  Speaking to residents of South Camberwell it is clear that they know their council is not doing enough to save and reuse important resources and contribute directly towards a sustainable and green future.
Last year, following up on concerns expressed by residents, I asked our Council about its plans for bulk food waste recycling.   There are no plans under the Liberal Democrats and Tories to even consider this until 2014.  Not only is this indicative of the dire state of affairs across housing, social services and elsewhere but, it shows that under the Liberal Democrats and Tories there is simply no vision, no desire to plan for the growth, sustainability and build the opportunities the vast majority of the people of Southwark are demanding.
Some 40% of household waste is food waste and this goes directly into landfill. When food breaks down in landfill sites it creates the climate changing gas methane. Southwark Council by continuing to send food waste to landfill is damaging our environment.
Together with Hillary Evans and Brendan Keown, I want to enable action by the whole community to save our planet.  Food waste should be recycled and not dumped into harmful landfill and should be reused locally including, for example, at the 32 allotments managed by the Camberwell Gardens Guild.
Any reduction in food waste sent to landfill protects our environment.
So, Southwark having thus far failed to take food waste recycling seriously, we have submitted an application to the Camberwell Community Council Cleaner Greener Fund for a pilot project to recycle the food wastes generated households in South Camberwell. This can be done by residents of an estate or a street using a “Rocket® In-Vessel Composter.” And, with the added benefit that costs would be offset up reductions in landfill tax.
The pilot could be for as few as 50 households using an A500 Rocket In-Vessel Composter or up to 750 households. We think it is time for planning and giving back to the residents of Camberwell and Peckham the options they are demanding for working towards a non-carbon future.

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