24 September 2009

Pyjama Protest to Save Your South London Line

I joined other campaigners including Valerie Shawcross, AM, Councillor Fiona Colley and Councillor Veronica Ward for a sleepy protest to save the South London Line outside Denmark Hill station in South Camberwell. The decision to axe the line which provides a vital transport link for South Camberwell means no service to Victoria from Denmark Hill station after 7.30pm.
As we gathered in our night-gear commuters going and in and out of the station kept asking what we were doing and many were shocked to discover that the very service they were about to use was going to be cut back.
What strikes me most about the community led campaign to fight against cuts to transport under Major Johnson is the growing sense of anger and frustration over a “black hole” in London’s transport services. We surely must be entitled to the same transport infrastructure regardless of where we live? In so many ways the South London Line is our tube line and it makes no sense at all to cut it.

Campaign Dates:
South London Line Campaign Meeting
30 Sept 2009-09-24 Institute of Psychiatry, 16, De Crespigny Park, Camberwell, 7-9pm

Peoples Question Time with Mayor Johnson
November 11 – Brixton Academy
To apply for tickets email:
Including your, name, address, postcode, daytime phone number and the number of tickets you require (max 6) or call 0207 983 4762

21 September 2009

South London Line Latest – Mayor says NO to meeting

Tory Mayor Boris Johnson has refused to meet with South London Line campaigners and claimed that the future of the service is nothing to do with him, despite being in control of Transport for London. This decision came as a great shock to those of us campaigning to Save the South London Line between London Bridge and Victoria.
If the Mayor persists in seeking reductions from the levels of service specified by Government, with the ditching such a key service, many thousands of angry passengers will face significantly longer journey times and inconvenient interchanges causing dangerous overcrowding on other rail services, local buses and on the already crammed Northern and Victoria tube lines.
He has lost the plot if he thinks we can just lose the South London Line and simply cram more people on other trains, buses and the Northern Line! He can save this service if he wanted to – and it is time that he started to listen to South Londoners!

You can support the community-led campaign to Save the South London Line between London Bridge and Victoria by signing the petition at: http://tinyurl.com/SouthLondonLine or join the facebook group at http://tiny.cc/SeMRp .